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You design. We code. You deliver.

Your beautiful designs and graphics deserve to be showcased. You know what you want to achieve, how it should all look on the screen, and we know how to make that happen.

We take everything you’ve created – images, logos, fonts and layouts and make them come to life on your website. It doesn’t matter what device or browser your visitors use, your site will always look amazing.

That’s the Freestyle difference, it’s what we do.


Bespoke Themes

WordPress is the single most popular website development platform on the internet powering over 40% of the internet in 2021. Off the shelf themes, because they have to cater for so many different requirements of a diverse marketplace, are often slow and unwieldy.

Freestyle gives you everything you need and more with its bespoke WordPress theme development. No matter how complex and demanding your requirements, we code your theme from scratch to ensure your customers get a fully responsive experience irrespective of the device they use, that is lean, fast and does exactly what you need.


Care Plans

You wouldn’t buy a high-performance sports car and expect it to keep running without a thorough service and some TLC, would you?

Your WordPress website is that high-performance supercar.

To ensure it is fast, responsive and infection-free it needs to be looked after by a qualified technician.

That’s us.

We give you supercar grade maintenance for your website for a small monthly fee.

A WordPress Maintenance Plan, or WordPress Care Plan as we like to call it, gives your site the pampering it needs to keep it, spick, span and secure.

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We’ve found Chris to be fantastic. He has a great depth of knowledge combined with an ability to explain technical information in plain English. Chris fixes problems quickly and he has provided valuable guidance on how we can develop our online services further. Highly recommended.

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Kath, Head of Public Affairs at NAPAC


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