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Matinée Multilingual a leading voice-over agency, subtitling company and translation agency, with over 25 years of experience in the language versioning and localisation industry, were introduced by SEO specialists Ditto Digital.

Matinée Multilingual had very recently their website rebuilt, but despite being brand new the site was very slow to load, and had significant browser compatibility issues.

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Working with Matinée Multilingual and Ditto Digital, Freestyle Internet proposed a code audit to identify the underlying speed and compatibility causes.

For the code audit Freestyle Internet:

  1. Reviewed all of the plugins in use
  2. Reviewed the theme in use
  3. Reviewed the site for PHP7 readiness
  4. Reviewed the site for general best practice

The audit highlighted multiple issues, the main being that the new site had in fact been built on top of the old site, bringing with it all of the issues the site rebuild was expected to resolve.

Understandably Matinée Multilingual were incredibly frustrated  that their new site required  significant work to be up to standard.  Using the audit results, and in conjunction with Ditto Digital, Freestyle Internet prepared a  list of improvements, and then worked through these in priority order .

The site now performs much better, although there are some issues remaining that would require a bespoke theme creation to resolve.


Here at Freestyle Internet we have a wealth of coding experience, having worked in the industry since 1996, and have worked with WordPress since 2010.   We know lots of professionals, some we have worked with for many years, designers, SEO, copywriters and content creators.

So if you are struggling with your WordPress site, or agency, then let’s have a chat, see if we can help, it costs nothing to talk.  There is very little we can’t make WordPress do,  there is hope for any WordPress site, they can always be put onto a better path.

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We gave Chris a challenging brief to develop a fairly complex multi-country and multi-language website which we could control and he not only delivered exactly what we wanted but exceeded our expectations. Dealing with a team of 3 IT professionals and two psychs you would need to be on top of your game and Chris certainly is that. We would recommend Chris unreservedly. 

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Laurence, Director at Psytech