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Bespoke Theme Development

Freestyle Internet have worked with The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) for over 20 years, creating five iterations of their site during this time.

Over time the site has accumulated 1000’s of individual pieces of information, pages, posts, research papers, contacts, events, courses, everything you would expect from leading voice of obesity science, medicine and community in Europe.

Whilst it was excellent that so much information was available, the volume of data was beginning to make finding related content tricky, especially as the taxonomy and categorisation used had grown organically over many years.

EASO wished to improve the site’s navigation and ensure that information was effectively grouped and cross referenced.


Working with EASO freestyle Internet prepared a plan of action which involved:

  1. Undertaking a data audit
  2. Rationalising of the taxonomy and categorisation used throughout the site
  3. Recategorising all content in the site
  4. Creating a bespoke theme that automatically places content into the correct location and cross references to related content

Once completed Freestyle Interned developed a bespoke theme which utilised four primary categories, and approx 25 secondary categories.  As content is added to the site, it is tagged into the relevant categories and is automatically added to the correct section of the site, as well as being cross referenced.

EASO were initially concerned about the amount of their time that would be required for the data audit and categorisation, Freestyle were able to automate large parts of this saving EASO time.


Here at Freestyle Internet we have a wealth of coding experience, having worked in the industry since 1996, and have worked with WordPress since 2010.   We love data, categorising it, reporting it, exporting it, filtering it, making it work for your business.

So if you are struggling with data in your WordPress site, or agency, then let’s have a chat, see if we can help, it costs nothing to talk.  There is very little we can’t make WordPress do.

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I have worked with Chris for over 10 years on various projects and websites. He is brilliant to work with, quick to understand what is needed and then able to offer a number of options – all with a smile! The website support from him and his team is also excellent. No hesitation in recommending his services.    

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Marco Presutto, Project Manager at EASO