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The right prescription for EASO

We’ve supported the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) for over 20 years. We’ve helped their website evolve with them, seamlessly integrating 1,000s of pieces of content and coping with large traffic spikes whenever a story about health hits the headlines.

“I have worked with Chris for over 10 years on various projects and websites. He is brilliant to work with, quick to understand what is needed and then able to offer a number of options – all with a smile! The website support from him and his team is also excellent. No hesitation in recommending his services.”

Marco Presutto, Project Manager at EASO

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The speed of response and quality of work is excellent, consistent, creative and rapid, working with Chris is a pleasure. Chris goes above and beyond, and crucially for a third sector organisation, he handles sensitive content thoughtfully; substantial trust has developed during the years we have been working together.

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Sheree Bryant, Director of Communications, EASO

Improving the prognosis

EASO is the leading voice of obesity science, medicine and community in Europe. They commission research, run training, host conferences, lobby governments and advise a community of 20,000 professionals. As the organisation’s scope has grown, we’ve evolved their site over five iterations and created dozens of microsites for specific events and campaigns.

Organising content on autopilot

One of the most difficult challenges we helped EASO overcome was introducing a way to manage the constant flow of research, papers, courses, news and events information onto their site to make it easy for busy people to navigate.

This was no mean feat. Working with the EASO team, we reviewed 1,000s of pieces of content and created a new system of 4 primary categories, with 25 subcategories for each. We redesigned the site to make it easy to find what you need.

But that wasn’t all. Once the information was organised, we created a bespoke theme that means when someone uploads something new; it’s automatically put into the right place and cross-referenced so people can find it easily. This has prevented the site from getting out of control. Just as important, it’s saved their team weeks of work and time every single year.

Preventing downtime

It’s impossible to condense 20 years of an excellent working relationship and continuous technical improvement into a few paragraphs, so we’ve missed a lot. One simple but powerful advancement was implementing pay-as-you-scale hosting. When traffic increased five-fold to their valuable information on COVID-19 and obesity during the pandemic, there was no downtime. As highlighted in the news at the time, many other well-known sites didn’t fare as well!

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