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Fast ROI for This Girl Runs

We created a progressive web application capable of running (pardon the pun) this fitness community, from a runner joining as a member to checking in for a run, to paying franchisees, selling merchandise, and much more. The result was a successful launch, crucial early growth and great return on investment for our services.

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The website making learning curve was very steep, it took me nearly a year to find the right person for our project but when I found Chris everything fell into place. Professional, responsive, funny and fast, Chris and his team did everything we asked for and more. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!

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Ellie, Consultant at Green Teen Team

Reinventing the running experience

In supporting This Girl Runs, the goal was to build a web app that uniquely meets the needs of runners. They tend not to want to carry many things (they have to run after all), so we create unique barcodes for everyone who registers that can be scanned in by run leaders. The barcode confirms that the runner has a valid membership, creates attendance and medical lists, and a franchise owners’ payment report.

Why use a progressive web app?

Runs generally take place in parks or other outdoor spaces, internet connectivity can be sketchy in these locations, so the site was created as a Progressive Web App. Think of this as a website that behaves more like a native app so it can be used when you’re offline and work across Apple, Android and even in the web browser.

Going for gold

The end result was a new site with the form and function of a premium app, engaging whilst being accessible and easy to use for all. It also neatly solves many of This Girl Runs business challenges, such as accurate franchisee payments, which have helped power early growth. The fast, seamless and enjoyable web experience helped build instant trust for this new brand – fueling a successful launch, and great ROI.

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