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Top Marks for Obesity Canada

Obesity Canada is a world leader in providing practice-changing continuing education on obesity care for healthcare professionals.

For several years, they had provided online training courses, but their system was outdated and hard to manage. Students struggled to use the system effectively, and there was limited scope for interaction with their fellow students or faculty.

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The quality of the site is excellent and the design simplicity makes it easy for our users to navigate. What was really impressive was Freestyle's proactive and fast-acting nature - they were always one step ahead and quick to address any issues that arose. Their professionalism throughout the entire process was exceptional.

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Nicole Pearce, PMC, CPC(HC), Director, Education, Obesity Canada

Enhanced Network, Enhanced Collaboration

To address these issues, Freestyle created a Private Professional Network for Obesity Canada and rebuilt their training system to work seamlessly within it. The design UI and UX were modified to make using the site simple, allowing students to complete courses and collaborate with their peers and lecturers.

Obesity Canada wanted to ensure that the data built up in the old system was not lost, so Freestyle built and deployed a custom import function to allow data to be brought into the new system with ease.

The results have been impressive. According to Nicole Pearce, Director, Education at Obesity Canada, “What was really impressive was Freestyle’s proactive and fast-acting nature – they were always one step ahead and quick to address any issues that arose.”

Private Professional Network makes the Grade

For the investment equivalent of twenty courses, Obesity Canada now has a system that is simple to manage, looks great, and encourages dialogue between students. Course registrations have increased by 23% since the transition to the new site, demonstrating the impact of the improvements made by Freestyle.

If you’re looking to implement an online training system or increase the productivity of your not-for-profit or membership organization, speak to Freestyle Internet about how a Private Professional Network can work for you. The results speak for themselves.

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