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A next gen system, for next gen events

With an ongoing programme of virtual and in-person digital technology summits and talks, Verdantix needs to be able to move fast and set up microsites for every event they hold. The new bespoke events system we created means their marketing team can create a whole new standalone site – in an hour.

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The events site has increased engagement, registration and attendance for events 10 fold since its introduction. Without the system, it would take far longer to manage events, and our marketing would suffer. We value the fact that Chris is friendly, reliable and always offers expert advice

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Arron Wilson, Marketing Operations Manager, Verdantix

Powering technology events

Prior to working together, Verdantix would need to commission a new microsite for every new event – this was costly and time-intensive. As Marketing Operations Manager, Arron Wilson, puts it;

“It was frustrating adding events to the main Verdantix website, each one had to be added manually, this took time and there were limitations with the data and formatting”.

Verdantix needed the tools and flexibility to put together unique sites quickly in-house. So we built it for them.

Better site = 10X engagement

We created an easy-to-use dynamic event microsite system with different templates the events team can easily populate. This includes components such as speaker bios, schedules, videos and FAQs.

“The dedicated events site that Freestyle developed changed our operations completely; it is now fast and easy to create event microsites that importantly follow a consistent structure.  The system also allows for flexibility though, which has been very handy for marketing and A/B testing”

Each event microsite is perfectly branded and looks unique so each event can sell itself. Most importantly, it takes little time and effort to put together, empowering the team to run more events with ease and spend more time promoting them.

The result? Events have taken off at Verdantix in a big way, increasing engagement, registration and attendance dramatically.

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