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We deliver digital experiences that work. When it comes to Wordpress, we're the only experts you need.


Everything we do is unique and handcrafted

Freestyle is a digital development agency that concentrates on one simple thing - your audience. We understand what you want to achieve and the experience you want for your customers and we deliver it, every time.


White Label Wordpress Development

Want us to be your secret development weapon? If you haven’t got your own development team in place but would like to offer it as a service to your clients our White-label development service is exactly what you need.


Bespoke WordPress Themes

Need a built-for-you WordPress theme? No problem, no matter how complex or tricky we’ll showcase your products and services.


Wordpress Care Plans

Not happy with the way your WordPress site is working? Is it slow and clunky and prone to unfortunate viruses? Your website needs our WordPress care plan. We ensure that your site is as fast as it possibly can be, keep it safe and avoid those nasty little infections, all for a small monthly fee.

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We have been working with Freestyle for more than five years. The assistance and support we receive has always been excellent. It is fast, efficient and always helpful.

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Tim Edgar, Senior Adviser at Cambre 


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