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An invaluable tool in the financial markets today

Thanks to a unique online calculator, a new platform is succeeding in providing a niche set of institutional investors with an invaluable tool in the financial markets today.

In 2019, Daniel Alexander partnered with Make agency to develop a user interface that would provide an exceptional online experience. However, given the complex requirements that come with the development of financial tools, the agency reached out to Freestyle Internet to oversee the development of a specialist online financial calculator. Daniel had envisioned the calculator as allowing for the identification and management of certain types of commodity exposure more easily than ever before.

“I needed a specialist calculator app and a surrounding information package, all rolled up into one easy-to-use site. I knew I needed to work with the experts to make that a reality.”

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Chris is very easy to work with, and he rose to the challenge of what was a difficult project in places, communicating clearly and responsively. The project was delivered on time, which was appreciated.

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Daniel Alexander, Owner, InvestmentLeap

Dynamic calculations, dynamic coding

Daniel was, understandably, very concerned about the underlying mechanics of how the calculator would work. It was critical to success that the calculator not only worked perfectly – every time – but that it was also seamlessly integrated into other website features.

“Without the calculator, I’d still be managing commodities risk, but I wouldn’t be able to roll this out to attract interest and further investment..”

With so much at stake, we started small. First by creating core elements of the main calculator; then testing, testing, and testing some more, to ensure everything was working as expected. Once we were happy with the foundation, we began building in more features and functionality so that the calculator and the wider website would all work together as a single platform.

Added value for InvestmentLeap

As the project progressed, we were able to recognise some areas where the wider platform beyond the calculator could be adapted to better meet the needs of different investor types

“Chris was great at solving problems. Towards the end of stage 1, he had the idea to grey out certain parts of the site for certain users to simplify onlineexperience. This was a true game-changer for us, and the idea was enthusiastically embraced by everyone in our marketing team.”

The final result was a fully functional platform, delivered on time, which helps investors develop, run, and understand their exposure in the commodities markets.

At Freestyle Internet, we’re developers at heart. We understand code, and we know how to make even the most complex systems, like the commodities calculator, appear simple.

If you have a new system in mind, or you’d like to add functionality to your existing site, call us!