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Bespoke Theme Development

Freestyle Internet were recontacted by, an online course booking and management marketplace, they were preparing to launch their WordPress system, but were experiencing problems with the chosen development agency.

The London based agency chose had outsourced the design and development work, unfortunately the resulting site did not meet their expectations in terms of design, user experience (UX) or functionality.

The site looked uninspiring with pages and content sections using similar, but differing design styles. The site was hard and unintuitive to use, for site visitors, course providers and admin. And the site coding was poor quality, with an over reliance on plugins and frameworks, some of which had been modified directly making them costly and time consuming to maintain.

Course U Can - Old Homepage
Course U Can - Old Listing

Working together with and Mallard Studios, Freestyle Internet prepared a plan of action to address the issues and get the site ready to launch, this includes audits for design/UX and code.

The design/UX audit was conducted by Mallard Studios and involved:

  1. Creation of detailed wireframes, amazingly these had not been produced before.
  2. Identified the key user journeys and their plan points
  3. Identifies disparate design styles, these were in part caused by the way individual plugins required styling.

For the code audit Freestyle Internet:

  1. Reviewed all of the plugins in use.
  2. Identified core plugins that had been modified.
  3. Review the site for PHP7 readiness.
  4. Review the site for general best practice.

Once the audits were completed we were in a position to bring up to standard, ready for launch.

Understandably were conscious of cost, they had already spent a considerable sum for a site that was not good enough to launch.

So using the audit results we prepared a list of improvements, and then worked through these in priority order within the available budget, all the time reporting back on progress and remaining budget. has now just launched, and the site is a considerable improvement, it works, is simple to use and will help hopefully thousands of people sell their courses online.


Here at Freestyle Internet we have a wealth of coding experience, having worked in the industry since 1996, and have worked with WordPress since 2010. And we know lots of professionals, some we have worked with for many years, designers, SEO, copy writers and content creators.

So if you are struggling with your WordPress site, or agency, then let’s have a chat, see if we can help, it costs nothing to talk. There is very little we can’t make WordPress do, there is hope for any WordPress site, they can always be put onto a better path.

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The website making learning curve was very steep, it took me nearly a year to find the right person for our project but when I found Chris everything fell into place. Professional, responsive, funny and fast, Chris and his team did everything we asked for and more. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!

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Ellie, Consultant at Green Teen Team