Why keep WordPress up to date?

WordPress is the World’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), and like all software, it is constantly being upgraded.

This can be a struggle to keep on top of, especially for larger sites, and where there is no in-house technical experience.

So why not just leave it, it’s working fine at the moment after all, well, there are a lot of reasons to keep your WordPress site up to date.


WordPress is a fantastic CMS, as of 2021 it is used by over 42.5% of all websites.  And not just small sites either, there are plenty of very large, very high traffic sites that use WordPress.

This makes WordPress a very obvious target for hacking, it’s a numbers game for the hackers, and there are a lot more WordPress sites than any other CMS.

So it is crucial to keep the WordPress core, along with all themes and plugins up to date, and to have in place adequate backup provision in case the worst does happen.

No site can be 100% secure, but there are steps that can be taken to mitigate the risks.


WordPress and Plugin developers are continually looking to improve performance.  This is especially true when updates to PHP, WordPress’s underlying programming language, are concerned.

Tests show WordPress performs over 18% faster under PHP8 than PHP 7.4.

Software Improvements

Software is frequently updated to fix bugs and vulnerabilities, but it is also often updated to provide enhancements and new features.

WordPress 5.5 for instance introduced image Lazy loading, which is a great way to improve the performance of your site.

So keeping on top of updates ensures your site benefits from the latest features WordPress has to offer.


If you would like to discuss the management of your WordPress site, get in touch, we’re here to help.